Who I am

I’m  a person who loves Jesus and believes the entirety of the Bible is real and true.

I’m a free agent. More on that to come, and it has nothing to do with dating. It has everything to do with what I do for Jesus. It means I have no sponsors, no ties, no loyalties. My opinions are my own, and are the best I can do to verbally express what I see as biblical in light of our culture. Some call me a writer; some call me prophetic; some call me too intense. Whatever people’s opinions, I feel a responsibility to speak what the Lord has shown me, given me to say, and placed in my heart.

I have been a part of several ministries, worked with names you probably know, and written things you have probably read. I’ve also been in the marketplace for many years, which I think makes me better at understanding the world.

I live in a cute house in a small city in flyover country. And after a very long time, I’m enlarging my territory.

I’m a writer, dancer, teacher, recovering orphan (a person with parents after decades of being an orphan), and intense lover of Jesus who finally knows what that means–a bit, and is on a journey to discover what it means even more.

Contact me: rhetoricaldancer@gmail.com

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